LiftHandling GmbH – Marketplace for used forklift

Our company specializes in buying and selling used forklift and warehouse trucks. On request, we can also offer new forklifts. LiftHandling is your partner for used forklift and truck service.

Toyota-8FBET16-Electric 3-wheel forklift
Toyota | 8FBET16
Com-Nr.: LH1299
YOM: 2010
Capacity: 1600 kg
Type: Electric 3-wheel forklift
Toyota-02-8FDF18-Diesel Forklift
Toyota | 02-8FDF18
Com-Nr.: LH1357
YOM: 2010
Capacity: 1800 kg
Type: Diesel Forklift
Toyota-02-6FGF30-LPG Forklifts
Toyota | 02-6FGF30
Com-Nr.: LH1256
YOM: 1998
Capacity: 3000 kg
Type: LPG Forklifts
Linde-H80D-Diesel Forklift
Linde | H80D
Com-Nr.: LH1354
YOM: 1997
Capacity: 8000 kg
Type: Diesel Forklift